18th August 2017


Health minster Lydia Mutsch says the government will consider taxing high sugar content soft drinks.  Cardiovascular disease causes around a third of all the deaths in Luxembourg, and obesity caused by high sugar consumption plays a role in this.  Ms Mutsch says there is particular concern about the amount of sugar intake among children, many of whom consume fizzy drinks every day.  She suggests a tax, which is also being considered by other European countries, could help fund education on healthy eating.


The health ministry also revealed yesterday that it is confident there are no more eggs contaminated with the insecticide Fipronil on sale here.  Several supermarkets have withdrawn eggs from sale over the last week amid concerns they came from farms in Belgium and the Netherlands where the contamination occurred.  But a string of tests on all the eggs on sale here has produced negative results for Fipronil.


43 refugees from Syria arrived in the Grand Duchy yesterday, 23 of them children.  They have been living in camps in Turkey after fleeing the conflict in their homeland.  They are being resettled here has part of a deal between the EU and Turkey.  They are the fourth out of five groups to be resettled in the Grand Duchy as part of this programme. 


Police have released further information about an accident in a Dudelange adventure park earlier this week.  A boy is in hospital after falling 10 meters off a rope bridge.  The police now say he is 14 years old, not 10 as originally reported.  His injuries are not life threatening, nor likely to cause lasting disability, according to his doctors.  The police have also confirmed that there was no defect with the equipment used by the boy or the rope bridge.  Management have told the media that the boy failed to follow instructions properly for clipping on his safety harness.


A fire which consumed a stack of bales of hay at Huldange was not a case of arson, according to police.  There had been concerns that the fire may have been the work of an arsonist who has been starting fires slightly further to the south east.  But there are concerns about a car which caught fire in Bonnevoie yesterday morning, and an investigation is underway.